KPI Metrics

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We excel at identifying, tracking, and visualising key performance indicators (KPIs). We have the technical skills to derive insights from your data, and the operational experience to know where to look.


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Being able to produce accurate financial statements is a requirement of proper financial planning and management and can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful capital raise or exit.


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A company’s monetisation strategy should never be set in stone. We assist and empower clients to constantly test monetisation strategy efficacy and suitability as circumstances change over time.

Operating Model

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A precise operating model is a requirement of effective operations management, and yet even many later stage companies do not have a cohesive, integrated solution for tracking financial statements and business metrics.

CFO Advisory

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Integro can take on some or all of the responsibilities of a CFO for companies who require accurate financials not a full-time CFO. We can even help clients find the right full-time CFO candidate.

Strategy Development

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Whether assisting with international expansion, sourcing and closing strategic partnerships, or executing strategic pivots, Integro brings over a decade of experience in developing and executing strategic plans. 

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We look forward to helping you achieve your strategic and operational business goals.


With private capital markets becoming increasingly competitive, a critical factor in a company’s ability to raise capital is a company’s ability to exceed expectations in the areas of strategic and financial planning. 

Bespoke Analytics

The belief that technology is doing more with less is at the core of our Bespoke Analytics services. Through Bespoke Analytics services, we build customized, scalable analytics solutions and capabilities at a fraction of the price it would cost to assemble a small analytics team