Bespoke Analytics

Utilising data science and artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity, not a strategic advantage.

"Nothing works better than just improving your product"

Joel Spolsky, Founder of Stack Overflow

Data Visualisation


A deep understanding of data and visual design are undoubtedly key components of quality data visualisation. A less spoken component is a thorough understanding of business and operations. Integro’s deep business expertise is critical to knowing where to search for the most powerful insights.

Finding Insights

Integro builds and maintains relationships with investors, bankers, and corporate executives in Silicon Valley and throughout Europe, built over more than a decade of broad experience in the finance and technology sectors. We utilise our relationships to match entrepreneurs not just with capital, but with investors who represent non-financial strategic value as well. We prefer to source capital for our clients through our rolodex of first degree connections when possible.

Storytelling Through Data

We combine our capabilities in advanced analytics in conjunction with access to vast funding and investor data to help partners source prospective investors. In short, we are able to predict the investors that are most likely to invest in a given business and rank those investors in terms of fit with contact information. Our proprietary algorithms can be fully customised to the attributes desired and of importance for each individual client.


  • Investor Targeting
  • Capital Sourcing
  • Investor Relations

User Analytics


Everyday customers implicitly tell businesses about their desires through actions. The customer may not always be right, however it is alway useful to understand customers. Our experience building analytics systems for companies of all sizes helps separate signal from noise.

Understanding Customers

The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make when creating a pitch deck is to build a deck that is too long and provides granular information that is not of interest to investors’ long term perspective. VCs spend on average no more than 3 minutes and 50 seconds reviewing a deck, therefore entrepreneurs who try to communicate everything about their business ensure investors retain and understand closer to nothing. 

Customer-level Analytics

If length is the most important variable, the sequencing of a deck is undoubtedly a close second. Much like a deck that is too long will lose an investor’s attention, a deck that does not highlight the information of greatest importance to the investor will have the same effect. While every pitch requires a unique slide sequencing, we strongly recommend leading with an investment thesis and, by default, recommend the preferred order suggested by Sequoia Capital.

Sequoia Capital Preferred Order


  • Narrative Development
  • Custom Visualisations
  • Pitch Deck Design

Price Optimisation


Optimising price is a difficult task that requires a deep understanding of a company’s customers at aggregate and often individual levels of granularity. We help clients quantify the costs and benefits of various pricing strategies with a focus on long-term strategic initiatives.

Efficiency in Pricing

A common question for entrepreneurs seeking a funding round or exit is “What is my business worth?”. A simple answer is a business is worth what you can convince someone to pay for it. The ability to convince an investor or buyer a business is worth a certain value hinges upon a reasonable quantitative analysis in conjunction with effective persuasion.


In order to effectively persuade an investor or buyer of a valuation it is of the utmost importance to select the right valuation method. Two parties can debate reasonable numbers until both blue in the face, however discussions will never progress to negotiation if the wrong valuation method is used. For example, an early stage pre-revenue startup would never use a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method as all future cash inflows are assumption based. A Comparable Transaction or VC Valuation Method would be more compelling, whereas a profitable company might consider a DCF or a weighted combination of two methods.


  • Capitalisation Table
  • Dilution & Exit Analysis
  • Business Valuation

B2B Lead Generation


Every entrepreneur knows the importance of having a sales funnel filled with a large quantity of quality prospective customers. We utilize big data to predict who is most likely to be interested in our clients’ product offerings.

Data-Driven Business Development

The decision to begin an M&A process is not one to be taken lightly, nor is it a decision that should be rushed. Many investment banking firms will push entrepreneurs towards pursuing an exit before they are prepared in order to earn increased fees, or even worse, when there is little chance of a successful exit. We help clients assess whether the timing is right for a sale before paying large investment banking fees.

Engaging the Right Prospects

As a sole advisor, we utilise our buy and sell side M&A experience to run a thorough process from contacting a broad universe of potential investors to final negotiation and implementation. For transactions involving outside investment banking and legal firms, our clients outsource the communication, logistics, and due diligence involved in working with such entities to us, allowing clients to remain focused on business operations and ensure outside firms are not over-billing the deal.


  • Due Diligence
  • Buyer Targeting Analysis
  • Deal Modeling
  • Negotiation Support

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