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Automation is an excellent way to not only reduce costs, but also improve accuracy. Automated systems do not need lunch breaks or health insurance, nor do they stream Netflix and La Liga football matches during office hours like your talented, yet perpetually distracted analyst.

User Analytics

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Everyday customers implicitly tell businesses about their desires through actions. The customer may not always be right, however it is alway useful to understand customers. Our experience building analytics systems for companies of all sizes helps separate signal from noise.


Price Optimisation

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Optimising price is a difficult task that requires a deep understanding of a company’s customers at aggregate and often individual levels of granularity. We help clients quantify the costs and benefits of various pricing strategies with a focus on long-term strategic initiatives.

Data Visualisation

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A deep understanding of data and visual design are undoubtedly key components of quality data visualisation. A less spoken component is a thorough understanding of business and operations. Integro’s deep business expertise is critical to knowing where to search and find the most powerful insights.

Lead Generation

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Every entrepreneur knows the importance of having a sales funnel filled with a large quantity of quality prospective customers. We implement big data to predict individual companies most likely future customers, and build hybrid human/machine systems to enable our clients to efficiently engage and close target prospects.


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Our experience building and implementing algorithms and recommender systems yields clients significant returns that extend beyond product. We have had considerable success using recommender systems to achieve improved user experiences, but also to implement targeted marketing campaigns.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your strategic and operational business goals.


With private capital markets becoming increasingly competitive, a critical factor in a company’s ability to raise capital is a company’s ability to exceed expectations in the areas of strategic and financial planning. 

Operations Management

We specialize in building and implementing integrated operating models and we excel at identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).