As an early stage investment and consulting firm, we provide capital and/or consulting services that enable partners to efficiently build business value and effectively communicate it to executives, investors, and strategic partners.


When it is time to raise money from professional investors, it is time to seek professional advice

Investor Targeting

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One of the most critical aspects of any capital raise is finding the right investors. We help entrepreneurs find and target investors using AI, immense volumes of publicly available and premium market data, and a global network

Pitch Decks

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A pitch deck is often a company’s first impression with a potential investor. We help clients present their businesses in a way that communicates value through minimalist visual design, rock solid financial modeling, and thoughtful storytelling


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Expecting to out-negotiate professional investors on valuation is challenging Lionel Messi to a shoot-out or Stephen Curry to a free throw competition… A detailed valuation model will ensure that at the very least, you score some points.

M&A / Exits

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Selling or acquiring a business is both an emotion and logic driven decision for many entrepreneurs. We act as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and startups during the M&A process providing strategy, negotiation, and quantitative support.


The success of a visionary strategy hinges upon a sturdy operational foundation

KPI Metrics

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Integro excels at identifying and analysing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have the technical skills to derive insights from your data and the operational experience to know where to look

Operating Models

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A precise operating model is a requirement of effective operations management, and yet even many later stage companies do not have a cohesive, integrated solution for tracking financial statements and business metrics.

Strategy Development

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Whether assisting with international expansion, sourcing and closing strategic partnerships, or executing strategic pivots, Integro brings over a decade of experience in developing and executing strategic plans.

CFO Advisory / Search

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Integro takes on some or all of the responsibilities of a CFO for companies who require accurate financials but not a full-time CFO. We will even help clients find the right full-time CFO candidate when the time is right


Utilising data science and artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity, not a strategic advantage

Data Visualisation

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A deep understanding of data and visual design are undoubtedly key components of quality data visualisation. A less spoken component is a thorough understanding of business and operations. Integro’s deep business expertise is critical to knowing where to search for the most powerful insights

User Analytics

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Everyday customers implicitly tell businesses about their desires through actions. The customer may not always be right, however it is alway useful to understand customers. Our experience building analytics systems for companies of all sizes helps separate signal from noise.

Price Optimisation

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Optimising price is a difficult task that requires a deep understanding of a company’s customers at aggregate and often individual levels of granularity. We help clients quantify the costs and benefits of various pricing strategies with a focus on long-term strategic initiatives.

Lead Generation

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Every entrepreneur knows the importance of having a sales funnel filled with a large quantity of quality prospective customers. We utilize big data to predict who is most likely to be interested in our clients’ product offerings

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