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Yidio makes it easy to search, discover, and watch more than 1 million movies and TV shows across every content provider including Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and many more. With more than 5 million registered users Yidio has become one of the largest independent TV & movie programming guides in the world. 

Having previously worked with Integro on operations management projects, Yidio hired Integro to revamp its analytics systems with the goal of optimising financial performance and improving the financial planning process.

During the engagement, Integro discovered an inefficiency in the platform’s ad serving algorithm that was costing Yidio significantly in both revenue and gross profit. Integro rewrote the algorithm to optimise for Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) yielding double digit gross margin gains. Additionally, Integro built a system automating key aspects of Yidio’s accounting process which proved to be flawless after 18 months in an external audit.


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