Vienna, Austria



Evologic Technolgoies specialises in the production of biostimulants for agricultural crop yield increase. Evologic has developed a novel bioreactor design, allowing for the first time scalable production of high-quality Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) spores at disruptively low cost.

Evologic’s innovative technology enabled the company to close seed funding from the largest players in central Europe’s agriculture industry including BayWa and RWA. Shortly after, Evologic retained Integro for an 8 month Interim CFO project focused around creating a scalable financial operating model and preparing for a €10 million capital raise. 

Integro utilised its adaptive operating model framework to deliver a best-in-class operating model providing management clarity into future strategic plans, pro forma financials, and KPI metrics. The model’s KPI dashboards enabled Evologic to effectively communicate financial plans and performance to existing investors as well as new prospective investors in the upcoming Series A round.


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