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Capital Raise


Real Vision is a financial media company and subscription video service where the world’s smartest investors and traders share their best ideas. Contributors include world-renowned investor such as Mark Cuban, Mark Hart, Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers, Jeffrey Gundlach, and Jim Chanos.


– Pitch Deck

– Valuation

– Capitalisation Table

– Investor Targeting


Integro’s engagement with Real Vision was based upon two primary objectives: 1) Raise at least $8 million in Series B financing 2) Significantly increase company valuation.

Integro executed a unique strategy to source demand for the offering that included utilising the company’s own subscribers and the world-famous investors who had presented on the platform.

Utilising a minimalist pitch deck, clean capitalisation table, and a valuation model based on aggressive yet defensible numbers, interest in the round was 3x oversubscribed.


Due to the extraordinary demand for the offering, Real Vision was able to:

1) Select only the most high profile investors for the round

2) Raise $10 million

3) Increase valuation over $80 million

4) Close round in less than 60 days



Evologic Technologies specializes in the production of biostimulants for agricultural crop yield increase. Evologic has developed a novel bioreactor design, allowing for the first time scalable production of high-quality Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) spores at disruptively low cost.


– Financials

– KPIs

– Operating Model

– CFO Advisory


Integro supported Evologic by building a scalable operating model with the capacity to track and analyse historic financials as well as forecast future performance. Additionally, Integro acted as Evologic’s Interim CFO assisting with strategic and operational financial matters.

The operating model documentation enabled expedited onboarding of finance staff and increases in productivity.


Integro utilised it’s adaptive operating model framework to deliver a best-in-class operating model providing clarity to future strategic plans, 5-year pro forma financial forecasts, and KPI metrics.

The model’s KPI dashboards enabled to Evologic to effectively communicate financial plans and performance to existing investors as well as future investors in the company’s upcoming Series A round.

Bespoke Analytics


Intuitive (Nasdaq: ISRG), is a publicly traded global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. Intuitive brings more than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted surgical technology and solutions.


– Automation

– Algorithms


Integro worked with Intuitive Surgical to automate a critical financial process that was previously time-consuming and error-prone.

Using a custom algorithm and automated system, Integro enabled Intuitive to automatically calculate complex variable rebate payments owed to large medical institutions around the world on over $2 billion in annual sales of surgical instruments and accessories.


Intuitive realised greater than 10x Return On Investment (ROI) on project, saving over $100k per year as a result of time savings and reduction of errors. More importantly, the project reduced the likelihood of errors that had the potential to cause restatement of earnings and unexpected reductions in share price.


John Cooper


John Cooper brings expertise in financial planning, data analytics, and operations management developed at leading technology companies, private investment firms, and early-stage software and media startups. Utilising programming skills and a data-driven approach, he has established a track record of developing and implementing strategies that have enabled high-growth companies to significantly increase profitability and allowed profitable companies to efficiently drive growth.

John has both buy and sell-side transactional experience analysing, executing, and advising on more than €2 billion of global capital market and business transactions with leading venture capital firms and corporates including Alsop Louie Partners, Breyer Capital, CME Group, Evologic Technologies, Intuitive Surgical, Netflix, Riverwood Capital, and Thomson Reuters.

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